The Toilet Paper Dilemnas…

Maybe it’s just me, but making my life easier has always been a priority of mine. Life is stressful enough without having to be aggravated by a multitude of petty little inconveniences.

One of those little things is how the toilet paper roll is put on to the holder. I would call it “Common Sense”, but many people seem to disagree with me.

When I reach for the Charmin, I want it to be easily accessible. I don’t wanna’ have to reach around behind the role to start the stream of paper that is going to make me a cleaner person.

I want to just extend my arm over and feel that my sanitation is going to come as quickly as possible. Does this not make sense?

I could also argue that it just looks nicer if a guest was to use the restroom.

The other debate would be “How much time am I really going to spend in the bathroom when the need arises”?

Personally, I like to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Who in the world wants to sit in a tiny room filled with natural human odors. Yuck!

But there seems to be a market for things like iPod players that literally are a part of the toilet paper holder itself. Do I really need to listen to Willie and Julio singing, “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” while I relieve myself? I say, “Fiddlydumbdumb” to that idea. I’d rather spend about $8,000 more and install an ejection seat that will throw me out of the bathroom when I am finished.

A THOUGHT: If you have the extra money to spend, but can’t find a toiletry gadget to spend it on, you can always just use the cash itself!


About Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan is just your average, ordinary All-American writer. Chase began writing several years ago, but never published anything until the "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?" blog launched in August of 2009. Chase simply got tired of standing around and just observing all of the craziness in the world, so this anxious writer sat down and wrote the first "Are YOu Friggen' Kidding Me?" article on August 19th, 2009. Now, any time something makes Chase say, "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?", the issue get's transformed into an article. Chase is currently single, homeless and living under a bridge in South Florida.

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