Operation "Fake" Repo

I was clicking through the channels on the boob tube the other night trying to find something interesting to watch but “interesting” seems to be lacking in most of today’s television shows.

I finally settled on a show called OPERATION REPO on TruTV, which is supposed to be about a team of professional auto repossessors. What a farce! This absolutely has to not only be the worst show on television, but also the most fake.

This team of overweight, so-called professionals breaks every law possible while trying to repossess many items of little to no value – a canoe, a moped, a Segway, etc… Besides acting like overanxious teenagers, they demean people, contradict themselves and even assault the owners of the items being repossessed.

The dead giveaway that this show is staged and filmed as skits (besides the fact that the acting is horrible) is that it is a common known fact that the Repossession Business is a very dangerous profession. Most repossessions take place at night (while the owner is sleeping) or when the repo-ers know they will NOT have to confront the owner. This is done for the safety of the repo crew and to avoid any confrontation at all. Although it is a highly lucrative business to be in, it is actually very boring.

Unlike the T.V. show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” which is what would actually be considered a “Reality Show”; Operation Repo has failed to make anything of their show besides, well, A Laughing Stock.

A THOUGHT: Next time you are channel surfing, skip the “Repo Wave” and wait for the next “Big One” to come along, because the next repo they do may be the bikinis of these gals below!


About Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan is just your average, ordinary All-American writer. Chase began writing several years ago, but never published anything until the "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?" blog launched in August of 2009. Chase simply got tired of standing around and just observing all of the craziness in the world, so this anxious writer sat down and wrote the first "Are YOu Friggen' Kidding Me?" article on August 19th, 2009. Now, any time something makes Chase say, "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?", the issue get's transformed into an article. Chase is currently single, homeless and living under a bridge in South Florida.

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