Debra Who?

DEBRA WINGER: Where is she now?

Best known for her roles in “Urban Cowboy,” “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and “Terms of Endearment,” actress Debra Winger disappeared into obscurity for the last few years.

Winger quit Hollywood in 1995, after earning three Oscar nominations for her various roles.  She got fed up with the industry and just decided to stop making films one day.  Winger was 40 when she walked away from it all.

Winger eventually made her big screen debut opposite John Travolta in “Urban Cowboy,” which started her successful career.

As Winger’s popularity increased, so did the media scrutiny of her private life.  Her romance to Nebraska governor Robert Kerrey didn’t help either.

She was briefly married to actor Timothy Hutton in the late 1980’s and her movie roles became fewer as she became more selective of her choices.

She almost starred in the 1993 mega-hit “A League of Their Own,” but was replaced by actress Geena Davis.

After a six-year absence, Winger came back to Hollywood in 2001 and produced a new film “Big Bad Love,” where she also plays the ex-wife of a struggling writer.  The independent film is directed by and co-stars her present husband, Arliss Howard.


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