LEAP YEAR : Worst Film in 2010 (So Far)

Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, ‘Leap Year’ hopes to be that sweet Irish trifle during an otherwise wretched month of studio programming.

In the film, Adams plays a hopelessly romantic Manhattanite waiting for her upper-class, cardiologist boyfriend (Adam Scott) to propose. When he doesn’t get down on one knee, she decides to follow him to Ireland to propose marriage on Leap day, a supposed Irish tradition where a woman can propose to a man on Feb 29.

Her journey to Dublin doesn’t end up exactly how she had planed, as a handsome Irish bloke (Matthew Goode) turns out to be a lot more than just a feisty pub-owner and sometimes cab-driver.

With a measly 17 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, the critics have mostly not warmed to this winter romantic comedy. Roger Ebert points out, though, that the two leads — Adams and Goode — have the necessary “buoyancy” to keep this film from completely sinking. Here’s a selection of ‘Leap Year’ reviews.

Chicago Tribune: “Again, we have a brittle Type-A female protagonist (Adams, as Anna) who must be brought down to earth (i.e., humiliated in various, artlessly staged slapsticky ways — director Anand Tucker has no gift for physical comedy) and wised up by the man she’s clearly destined to find. He is an Irish pub owner nursing a broken heart, played by Goode. And as he’s so much more sympathetic and charming than the man she’s with at the moment (Adam Scott, playing the cardiologist boyfriend), the movie’s conflict is nonexistent.”

Chicago Sun-Times: “Amy Adams and Matthew Goode sell it with great negative chemistry and appeal. Adams has an ability to make things seem fresh and new; everything seems to be happening to her for the first time, and she has a particularly innocent sincerity that’s convincing. Goode is wisely not made too handsome. Oh, you could shoot him as handsome; he’s good-looking, let’s face it. But the director, Anand Tucker, shoots him as annoyed, rude and scruffy. Hair not too well combed.”

Entertainment Weekly: “Tucker keeps the emerald travelogue images crisp and clean and the emotions modest, so that the entire movie hinges, more or less, on the charming/ cantankerous love-hate tangles of its dueling stars. If the young Ann-Margret had been allowed to wiggle her brain as much as her bod, she might have come off something like Amy Adams. Is there an actress today who can suffuse a single scene with so many infectious mood swings? As Anna, she’s fiery and vulnerable, wistful and exuberant; she lends a rare dignity to the portrayal of a woman who doesn’t know what she wants.”

Miami Herald: “The worst part of this equation is that the appealing Amy Adams — just seen in 2009 as the Julie half of ‘Julie & Julia’ — has no excuse for being part of this mess. She’s a fresh and likeable actress who is perfectly capable of holding her own with such heavy hitters as Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman (her co-stars in ‘Doubt’). Why she is a party to such blarney remains a mystery as puzzling as the question of why anybody thought ‘Leap Year’ was a good idea.”


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Chase Morgan is just your average, ordinary All-American writer. Chase began writing several years ago, but never published anything until the "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?" blog launched in August of 2009. Chase simply got tired of standing around and just observing all of the craziness in the world, so this anxious writer sat down and wrote the first "Are YOu Friggen' Kidding Me?" article on August 19th, 2009. Now, any time something makes Chase say, "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?", the issue get's transformed into an article. Chase is currently single, homeless and living under a bridge in South Florida.

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