How Big Is This Closet?

Ricky Martin recently came out about being a homosexual. Not exactly earth shattering news, but still a commendable act of personal courage for the father of two.

So which Hollywood celebrity is going to come out on May 5?

People Magazine allegedly has the exclusive and the celeb is booked on several major talk shows that week including “The View.”

PR powerhouse Howard Bragman, who has successfully — some might add brilliantly — orchestrated several celeb outings in the past decade talked about his next coming out project at the GLAAD Media Awards red carpet Sunday (Apr. 17).

Bragman — the coming out king of Hollywood — doesn’t want to speculate on who it will be (that would kind of ruin his well-planned surprise, wouldn’t it) but In the past he’s helped NFL defensive lineman Esera Tuaolo, LPGA star Rosie Jones, WNBA star Sheryl Swoops and retired NBA center John Amaechi come out.

He also orchestrated the plans for former “Party of Five” Mitchell Anderson, “Married with Children” co-star Amanda Bearse and aided Dick Sargent of “Bewitched” fame to come out on Entertainment Tonight.

Most recently, he planned Chaz Bono’s announcement of a transition from woman to man  and got the news about Meredith Baxter being a lesbian out before tabloids reported her taking a lesbian cruise.

“In Hollywood,” Bragman has said, “most publicists keep their clients in the closet. And I’m the guy people tend to come to when they want to come out of the closet.”

Bragman made his name founding a major entertainment public-relations firm — Bragman, Nyman, Cafarelli — and his new boutique firm is called Fifteen Minutes. Fittingly, his book about Hollywood and celebrity, “Where’s my Fifteen Minutes?” even has a chapter dedicated to coming out.

In a sense, Bragman is at war, taking on the entertainment industry to end the perception that a gay actor has to stay in the closet. Bragman believes that times are changing and that we will soon have our first gay Hollywood action hero.

Here’s betting Howard will be standing right behind whoever it is.

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