Chicken Reward : $500

Irene Azevedo, 41, of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has offered a $500 reward for the return of her pet chicken, Scratchy. “She could be in somebody’s pot by now,” Azevedo said. “But she’s not just a chicken. She’s a loving companion, a jewel.” She says Scratchy drinks a saucer of milk every night before going to bed in a special cot.

Meanwhile, a rooster in Jackson, Mich., that lost both legs due to frostbite is being fitted with artificial limbs. “He runs pretty good on his little stumpies,” said veterinarian Timothy England, who has dubbed the bird Mr. Chicken. The vet will not only provide the replacement drumsticks and the surgery to install them, his staff has purchased 14 chicks for the rooster. Come spring, “he will have his own harem,” England says.

A THOUGHT: I thought this was absolutely the most ridiculous thing I had heard of until I came across this Basketball Prosthetic Body. Wow! If she named it “Wilson”, I’d die!

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