"Cops Gone Wild!"

Brandon Reed Loverde, a 31-year-old policeman in Orlando, FL, was moonlighting as a nightclub bouncer when he carried out a “No Trespass” order the bar issued against a 21-year-old girl that the bar had flagged as an underage drinker.

According to Rachelle C, the patron that was throw out, Loverde took her to the parking lot, made her sit on the ground between two parked cars and gave her some water to drink while he put on rubber gloves. He then reached down her shirt and squeezed her breast until milk came out and said he wanted to “suck on them”.

Long story short, the girl passed a lie detector test and the guy was arrested and suspended from the police department without pay.

As Hunter Thompson used to say, “It still hasn’t gotten weird enough for me.”

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