Freedom of Speech Distorted

Freedom of Speech is was not a right granted to Americans by the stroke of a pen. It was the sacrifices of the men and women who have fought and died in our military that gave everyone those rights. So I am appalled when I see people protesting at military funerals with picket signs and chanting nasty and evil things at the families of those fallen soldiers who gave their lives to defend the very rights they abuse.

Our freedoms always come at a price, usually someone’s life. Our soldiers fight in the name of this freedom and liberty that we Americans like to take advantage of regularly. However, there is a little church in Kansas called WestBoro Baptist church. Though they, like all of us, have the freedom of speech they abuse it by picketing at military funerals with such signs as “Thank God for 911″, “Pray for more dead soldiers”, and “God Hates you” – these are just a few examples. Not only is this bad taste but its also disrespectful to the person who just died for that freedom of speech and the families who are mourning their own loss.

Fortunately, there is now an organization called Patriot Guard Riders, a group of people who ride motorcycles to these funerals. Now some of you may think this is also disrespectful, but imagine 50 motorcycles- or more, all carrying an American flag waving in the wind. Lined up side by side, the family is protected from the rude protests, completely blocked from view. They follow the procession to the graveyard, where more of the church protesters wait with their flagrantly rude and obnoxious signs. The motorcycles drown out there singing, their flags hide the signs and the funeral can continue with the respect and honor these brave soldiers deserve.  No matter which side you decide is better, the freedom of speech is everyone’s right to use. Remember, however, its also the other persons right to use it to cover up another protest.

A THOUGHT: Now, these riders are what “America is all about”! The right to honor a fallen comrade who died so that you have the right to wake up every morning to a peaceful nation without the fear of being shot in the head by a Nazi, The KGB or just another Dictator like Kim Jong-il, Saddam Hussein or Many more. So, respect your soldiers, they are dying for you and keeping America “The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.”

CURRENT LIST OF DICTATORS(You can always live in their Countries if you don’t like America)  Current World Dictators

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