"Dumbass Award" : September 2010

 Dumbass Superintendent declares “Zero Tolerance!”
“We have zero tolerance for this type of thing,” declared Jamesburg, N.J., Superintendent of Schools Gail Verona.

Officials at Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School called Patrick Halpin to come pick up his 11-year-old son because “he brought a weapon to the school” — a cigarette lighter the boy found on the way in.

“Since when is a lighter a weapon?” Halpin asked, pointing out some teachers have lighters.

“It depends on your whole interpretation of what a weapon is,” Verona said.

 A lighter is “not a weapon as a knife is a weapon. But a weapon is
 anything that has the potential to cause harm.” (Asbury Park Press)

 …It’s official, then: Superintendent Verona “is a weapon” and should be banned from Public School property.

 Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children
Basic American Ideals: Our Public Schools, The Road to Freedom, Church and State, Our U.S.A., Communism Menaces Freedom, Free Enterprise
Declaration of Independence and Constitution – Our Public Schools – The Road to Freedom – Church and State – Our U.S.A. – Communism Menaces Freedom – Free Enterprise
Federal aid for education a menace to the South

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