We Know What’s Best For You…

With “zero tolerance” policies, schools are quick to call in police for even minor alleged infractions of their rules. Central High School in Muncie, Ind., went the other way: when a student came to the office to report
 she had been dragged into a school restroom and raped, school officials refused to call in the police — not even the police detective at the school working security. Instead, the 16-year-old girl was told to write a report on the crime, and then sat for 2-1/2 hours waiting for a Youth Opportunity Center employee to come get her. The YOC worker wasn’t informed of the nature of the call until she arrived; she took the girl to the hospital, and doctors there immediately called police.

 “There has to be some basis for which to notify the police,” said school superintendent Eric King. “They are investigating to determine if there was an incident,” hence the written report. A police investigator said the four-hour delay in getting detectives involved left “too big a chance of losing critical evidence.” A prosecutor said he was “extremely uncomfortable” with the school trying to take on a criminal investigation by itself, and that the school had an “absolute duty under the law” to bring in the police.

A THOUGHT: In an earlier article (Here) we told you about a 13 year old boy arrested in Stuart, FL for passing gas in class. I guess that’s a more serious offense in the New Millennium!?!?

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