Ashley Madison Sucks!

Website For Cheaters

Recently, I learned of a website for cheaters. It caters to couples, more specifically married couples who are looking to have an affair. Ashley Madison is a website designed for a husband or wife to select someone to have an affair with. The CEO of Ashley Madison rationalizes that it creates a safe way for individuals who aren’t happy in their marriage to seek attention (sex) elsewhere.

Do you feel it is morally corrupt for a business person to capitalize from someone’s unhappiness?

This is the most ridiculous business venture I have ever heard of. If a couple is unhappy wouldn’t it be best to just part ways, and say good-bye, instead of living a lie?

Profit From Cheaters

The old saying “Sex Sells” must be the basis for Ashley Madison. From a business standpoint it is creative, and the CEO has shown innovation. But morally it is a propagation for infidelity to reach a higher rate this year than in 2007-10. Everyone has their opinion and belief, maybe some feel there is nothing wrong with profiting from a spouse committing adultery.

Adultery goes high tech in the 21st century with the creation of Ashley Madison. People have used the internet, and dating sites to hook up for years. But to have a dating site for married couples to cheat is beyond extreme — I question the soul and values of a person who feels no guilt from running such a business.

Cheating Made Easy

I first learned of on the Tyra show. My first reaction was “Are You Friggen’ Kidding Me?”. If one of the partners in a couple is so unhappy why not separate? If someone chooses to search for sex via the internet that’s their business, but at least be honest enough to tell your spouse you are unhappy. Why just cruise around seeking partners elsewhere? It’s the most unscrupulous thing I have ever heard of.

At times it feels as though we are living in a 21st century 60’s sexual revolution. How do you feel about a website such as Ashley Madison?  Do you think it’s okay to profit from infidelity? Do you think it’s wrong to have such a business?  What are your opinions on Ashley Madison?  I think it’s disgusting.  Some may say “well if people are going to cheat they will find a way to do it” – But I say why promote such a lack of family values.

What type of society are we living in where there are mobile applications to facilitate your affair?  Is there any moral fiber left in this country?  If there is it is mighty thin, and hard to find. With Ashley Madison hitting the internet it is almost like saying, “Here let me help you out screwing over your spouse!”. These days nothing is a shock anymore to what new tools and gadgets will turn up to assist you in your immoral sex life.

A THOUGHT: Have a read about what members have said at

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