New Surgeon General Warning

A Callaway, Fla., woman was arrested for beating her husband with a rock because he was smoking a cigarette. When police arrived, the couple were outside their house, the 51-year-old man shielding himself from his 41-year-old wife, who was hitting him with a rock, officers said. The man had cuts and bruises, and was bleeding.

The wife continued beating him while screaming at him to give her the pack of cigarettes, even after police told her to stop. The unnamed couple explained that they both had the flu, and the wife thought smoking was unhealthy for him. She claimed she had been “dealing with a lot of sh*t” for a long time, and added, “a woman can only take so much.” She was charged with aggravated battery domestic violence, and the rock was booked as evidence.

A THOUGHT: WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that your wife is the real hazard to your health.

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About Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan is just your average, ordinary All-American writer. Chase began writing several years ago, but never published anything until the "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?" blog launched in August of 2009. Chase simply got tired of standing around and just observing all of the craziness in the world, so this anxious writer sat down and wrote the first "Are YOu Friggen' Kidding Me?" article on August 19th, 2009. Now, any time something makes Chase say, "Are You Friggen' Kidding Me?", the issue get's transformed into an article. Chase is currently single, homeless and living under a bridge in South Florida.

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