The Crack of Dawn

This story begins in Hawthorne Florida. A fifty year old North Carolina women, Dawn, feeling that she had just got ripped off when she copped a rock of crack cocaine from a street dealer spotted a Putnam county Sheriff deputy parked at a convenience store.

She approaches the Sheriff’s vehicle with the intentions in mind to drop a dime on the person who sold her the bad crack. Dawn had decided the bad crack was nothing more than wax, mixed with cocaine. 
She expressed her concerns to the deputy about being sold bad crack. Realizing that there was an idiot standing before him, the Deputy asked Dawn several questions that if answered would be incriminating. Still not believing that this woman was serious, the deputy asked Dawn for the dope. She removes the alleged crack rock from her mouth and places it on the deputy’s car for inspection.
The deputy bewildered, looks at the rock, then looks at Dawn and finally says, Ma’am, we’ll have to run test on this rock and if it tests positive for cocaine, you’ll be arrested. 

The crack rock was found to be positive and Dawn was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with her bond set for $1,504.

A THOUGHT: Only Kanye West come to mind.. LOL

Artist: Kanye West (feat. The Game)
Album: Late Registration (2005)
Song: Crack Music
That’s that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
[The Game]
That’s that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
[Verse 1]
How we stop the black panthers?
Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer
You hear that?
What Gil Scott was hearin
When our heroes and heroines got hooked on heroin.
Crack raised the murder rate in DC and Maryland
We invested in that it’s like we got Merril-Lynch
And we been hangin from the same tree ever since
Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine
So we cook it, cut it, measure it, bag it,sell it
The fiends cop it
Nowadays they can’t tell if that’s that good shit
We ain’t sure man
Put the CD on your toungue yeah, thats pure man.
[Verse 2]
From the place where the fathers gone,
The mothers is hardly home
And the…
Gonna lock us up in a…home
How the Mexicans say we just tryin to party homes
They wanna pack us all in a box like styrofoam
Who gave Saddam anthrax?
George Bush got the answers
Back in the hood it’s a different type of chemical,
Am and Hammer baking soda
Raised they own quota
Writin when our soldiers ran for the stove cuz–
Cuz dreams of being ‘Hova went from bein a brokeman ta bein a dopeman
Ta bein a president look theres hope man
This that inspiration for tha mos and tha folks man,
Shorty come and see if mama straight overdosin.
And this is the soundtrack,
This tha type of music you make when you round that–
Crack music nigga,
That real black music nigga.
[The Game]
That’s that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
God-how could you let this happen, happen, happen, happen, happen, happen?
La-la-la [etc.]
That’s that crack music, crack music
That real black music, black music
[The Game]
That’s that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
That’s that crack music, crack music,that real black music, black music
Our father, give us this day our daily bread …give us these days and take our daily bread,
See I done did all this ole bullshit
And to attone I throw a little somethin, somethin on the pulpit.
We took that shit, measured it and then cooked that shit
And what we gave back was crack music
And now we ooze it through they nooks and crannies
So our mammas aint got to be they cooks and nannies
And we gonna repo everything they ever took from grammy
Now the former slaves trade hooks for grammies
This dark dixon has become America’s addiction those who ain’t even black use it.

“I don’t know which was worse… The Story or Kanye’s Stupid Ass Song… LMAO!

Crackheads Gone Wild (Uncensored)
Almost Illegal #1
Gangbangin Fo Life: Out on Bail, Vol. 2
Crackheads Candy

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