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Shocker – Dr. Phil is Clueless: The Katherine Lester Islam Story

By Debbie Schlussel

On Tuesday, I told you that the Dr. Phil shows on Katherine Lester – the smalltown girl who fled to the Middle East to meet her deceptive Palestinian Muslim MySpace boyfriend, “Abdullah Psycho” a/k/a Abdullah Jimzawi a/k/a Abdullah Jinzawi, and convert to Islam–were airing yesterday and today.

I watched yesterday’s show (today’s hasn’t aired yet, here in Detroit). And the key word that comes to mind is this: Whitewash.

These two words were never mentioned during the entire show: Islam and Arab. Gee, I wonder why.

Also, Dr. Phil is a complete dummy. He repeatedly said that Lester is in war-torn Gaza while she is in Jericho in the “West Bank.” Uh, how can a city be in both Gaza and the West Bank? I know that’s the goal of both HAMAS and Fatah, who want to erase what’s in between (Israel) and have a greater Islamic state, but right now, those are two separate regions. Hasn’t this dumb, fat, bald guy, with dime-store country advice ever looked at a map? Hello . . . ?

 Dr. Phil Meets Katherine Lester:

From Cute Small-Town Teen Girl to Islamic Palestinian Brainwash-ette 

Then, there’s Dr. Phil’s repeatedly calling the place where Lester is “Palestine.” Uh, Dr. Phil, there ain’t no Palestine. Not yet, anyway. He refused to mention Israel, ever, which might be a good thing.

But then Lester’s annoying, useless mother–who seems to have aided in this whole thing (by doing nothing except go on Dr. Phil), more than hindered it; and seems like a very lax (read: incompetent) parent–repeatedly said that she’s afraid her daughter “will get killed in Israel” and that if her daughter “gets killed in Israel, she’ll never be notified by Israel.”

Uh, Mrs. Lester, if you’re kid has run away to the Middle East, don’t you think you could do an iota of research to find out where she is? She’s in Jericho, which is, sadly, controlled by Palestinians. Her daughter would never “get killed in Israel (except by Muslims),” but she would “get killed in the Palestinian Authority” and “areas controlled by the Palestinians.” And, yes, the Israelis would notify you if your daughter was killed. It’s the Palestinians, chickie, who wouldn’t.

Advice for Mrs. Shawn Lester: Learn the difference. If you really care about the fate of your idiotic daughter, try acting like it.

We know Dr. Phil doesn’t really care about anything but promoting himself, so his being completely ignorant of something that’s in the paper every single day is soooooo predictable.

A few other bits of disinformation by Dr. Phil: The Palestinian Muslim boyfriend is not 20. He’s at least 25. And his and this dummy, Katherine’s online relationship was not conducted in secret. Her father and stepmom openly endorsed it over a year ago on “Good Morning America.”

I mean, Dr. Phil, can’t you get a single fact right? Do a tiny bit of research with your gazillion Dr. Phil staffers, bookers, and producers that you abuse and overwork daily (a friend of mine used to be one, so I know–they hate his guts)?

Here’s some advice for Dr. Phil: Stick to shows on “I slept with my sisters’ brother-in-law’s daughter’s son”. And stay out of the Middle East. You don’t have a clue, Oprah’s village idiot. Hardly a surprise.
The only good part was Katherine Lester’s mother saying, “She’s so stupid.” Yup, and so is her mother, especially for participating in this Dr. Phil Minstrel Show. The other highlight: The Muslim Palestinian boyfriend called this idiot American girlfriend a “slut” and a “dirty whore.” She a Muslim Arab would never call an infidel girl those names, would he?

This was only Part I. I’ll tell you if Part II is any worse. I’m sure it’s no better.

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