After being suspended for what she wrote on her blog and taking maternity leave, Natalie Munroe is back as a teacher at Central Bucks East High School near Philadelphia, Pa.

Officials say that’s her “legal right.” But Superintendent N. Robert Laws says parents’ requests to keep their children out of Munroe’s classes will be granted — and not wishing to have their loved ones taught by someone who has blogged that unnamed students are “rat-like,” “frightfully dim,” “whiny, simpering grade-grubbers,” hundreds of parents have submitted such requests, leaving 28 students registered for her classes instead of 90. Laws said a substitute teacher might fill in for Munroe, so that class-size rules can be followed, but he doesn’t know where she’ll go if that happens — not to another school, officials say. Munroe’s blog is titled, “Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket.”

A THOUGHT: She put herself in the handbasket, but it looks like it’ll be the parents who are going to say where she’s going.

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