"Party on Wayne" – "Party on Garth"

Two 20-year-old men at a party in Sweden noticed an 18-year-old woman had passed out from drinking too much. They thought it would be “fun” to take “compromising pictures” of her – they pulled up her shirt and took photos of her breasts. Other shots showed the men giving each other “high-fives” – with their own pants pulled down to expose themselves next to her. But despite the photographic evidence, the unnamed men were exonerated of sexual molestation because, the Stockholm District Court ruled, by being unconscious, the woman was not aware she was being molested. “She considers herself to have been seriously violated,” said prosecutor Gunnar Merkel. He plans to appeal the ruling.

A THOUGHT: Meanwhile, I don’t want to even think about what’s going on in hospital coma wards in the country.

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One Response to "Party on Wayne" – "Party on Garth"

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    yes I live in Sweden and a woman here was raped while unconscious and the men were let off because being unconscious she was ‘unable to tell them no’ – you know, the same reason rapists get indicted in US? Because she can’t say no? Sweden is fucked up man.

    Recently a man & friends in their mid-40’s were out & were attacked by 3 shitty african crap immigrants, somalian & congolese who are 18-22 martial artists & boxers; and for no reason they punched this man hard in the head, knocking him out and then someone kicked him in the head, which put him into a coma and he later died. 3 YEARS because ‘there was no way to know who kicked him the death blow, so therefore – NO one gets charged.
    44 year old father of two. Brutally murdered because these immigrants are not screened.

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